Thank you for your visit

Thank you to you. My first visitor. I’m not sure what you liked or didn’t like from visiting my blog, but thank you.

I checked my stats daily in hopes that someone else out there cares about things I have to say. And maybe, maybe one day what I have to say will inspire someone else.

I don’t know if that was you on your visit. Or if you happened by, by accident. But thank you.

…because you gave me hope. Hope that I’m not wasting my time. People can find me! Hope that some day I’ll inspire a whole little group of people and they can encourage and inspire me in return.

….because one day I’ll look at my stats and it will say 10 views. And I’ll be all excited again. And it’ll be because of you. you who viewed my blog once, once enough to encourage me to keep going. To keep sharing my thoughts.

…because one day it’ll say 100, and then 500 and so on.

So thank you for your visit. I appreciate you.


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