Keeping your kids quiet….

Our corridors are small and shared. There’s one sleeping upstairs, he works nights. He doesn’t complain about us, but I know we are loud. There’s one me….and 4 of them. They produce more noise than a herd of elephants some days. I’ve had to become very creative on how to keep them quiet.

  1. Keep them Fed. If there’s one thing scarier than a toddler on the verge of HANGRY it’s a, well, uh, IDK! They come at you repeatedly, each time it’s louder and more angry and fierce. Solution-Feed them! Have snacks, healthy, of course, on hand.
  2. If it’s nice out, TAKE THEM OUTSIDE! There are sure to be some parks in your area. We’ve traveled up to 30 minutes to visit a new park. They loved it. It gives them a sense of adventure and new challenges to climb up and slide down. It was worth the drive. Make sure to plan around feeding schedules. Because you might be outside, but a repeat of #1 is stressful when you don’t have a helpful solution nearby.
  3. Not only are parks an option outside, but chalk. There are a million different things to do with chalk to keep them busy outside. They can practice writing their name, ABC’s, numbers, sight words, faces, people, drawings, hopscotch, follow the lines, and so much more. Hey, we even get some fine motor skills in with this one!
  4. Playdough. Now this one is tricky. They EACH need their own amount of playdough, their own space to play. Not only that but with my Krew, they each need to have the SAME tools and SAME amount of playdough or we get into, that’s not fair wars. But the nice thing about playdough is that if you make your own or even buy it, they can choose their own colors. You can add essential oils to them and different spices for different sensory options…which leads to..
  5. Sensory bins. These are great. Again be mindful of how many children can fit up to that bucket. But fill these babies with different things for the munchkins to explore and experience. They love these. I’ve used water in one once, outside. I gave them an older set of measuring cups and medicine droppers and they played for hours![[See my board HERE]]
  6. Crafts. There are so many crafts you can find on Pinterest! [[See my board Here.]] Mine especially love ones that involve cutting and gluing! The bigger the mess, er I mean project,  the better!
  7. Go for a car ride. This one just take a little bit of planning. But you can really connect with them. Don’t focus too much on the destination, but more on the journey. You can play games with them, such as, I Spy. My oldest likes to play a game where you take turns naming something that starts with the letters of the alphabet. You can do a game with all of them and really rack up those quality time points!
  8. Pray that there is a supernatural sound barrier in said sleeping persons room! Sometimes they are just loud and you have to let them be that way, they are kids. Sometimes we get exhausted and we just have to pray through the moments that feel like we have absolutely no control over.
  9. Read books together. Granted you’ll need a large drink afterwards from all the talking your about to do, but they LOVE this time with you, and it’s a limited time we get to share with them. What 16-year-old wants to cuddle up with their parent and listen to them read??
  10. Keep them busy. Keep them on a schedule. Let them know what is going to happen next. They tend to be more focused and listen better when we follow a schedule!

I hope this helps a little bit. It’s hard momma! Know that you have a friend somewhere out there, and you aren’t alone! ❤


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