No where for the 4th

This year we didn’t get invited anywhere for the 4th of July.

It was weird. We got up that morning  with no real idea on what to do. My husband had off and we like to do things on these days AND it was the 4th. The 4th, the like national day to have a picnic to celebrate our freedoms.

We choose to go berry picking. One of my friends invited me the week before. Not because it was the 4th, but because it was Tuesday. It’s her day off. We checked our account and had $30 dollars for the rest of the week. We decided to just go.

So we went berry picking, now normally I take the kids by myself with my friend every summer. My husband is usually working. He got to go this time. Friends, I thought our whole weeks allowance was going to be gone on raspberries! He’s never been picking before. I know right, SAY WHAT!? But we spent less than $3 on rasberries.

Then we went to the strawberries… I have a hard time picking strawberries. I want to pick them all, and friends guess who did to! Yes, my husband! Lol. I had to draw the line and say STOP, no more. 🙂 We only spent $4 or so on strawberries.

Then we were headed to my husband’s favorite fruit…cherries. Sweet luscious cherries. We looked and looked for some good ones. It was a bit challenging due to lots of rain the Saturday prior. A bunch were split and moldy. But, we found this sweet tree in the back of the row. We almost filled our bucket. We were so excited about our find! We only spent $9 on our bucket tho!

My husband found some cash in his vehicle so we are still at $20. And now what plans.

We decided to eat our berries at a park. Our first choice was a nearby state park, but it was $7 for parking. We drove to a place more local to our residence and had a nice time there. There was a picnic table and nice little stream nearby.  We hung out there long enough to have a lunch/snack.

Then we were getting excited because there was a possibility to have plans! People wanted to hang out with us!! Haha. But it got shut down. Our plans were to have the others grab some sides and we had the meat. But they weren’t coming. We needed to figure out dinner. We had chicken, but that was about it. I went to the store. We got baked beans, salt potatoes and bbq sauce for $15 dollars. And we barbecued as a little family.

It was good. It was nice. It was quiet. It was perfect. We didn’t need to go anywhere. We didn’t need to be invited. We didn’t need others around to have a good time. We could do just us and be just fine.

Later that night when the other occupants returned home from their plans they visited briefly then went to bed, but we stayed up and watched the Macy’s Firework Spectacular show. It was very well done. Those fireworks were great! And there was no loud noises and screaming children whose ears hurt.

We had a fantastic 4th because no one invited us anywhere. We got be us. We got to have a relaxing day. We didn’t get ‘peopled out.’ We didn’t need a lot of money either to enjoy each other!


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