10 Things I’ve learned about living in a small space living

You’ve might have read glimpses of my family being stuck in a small space from previous posts. 

Well, it’s because we are. We are those type of people who end up back with their parents. We are utilizing one room for the six of us. 

Here’s some things I’ve learned 

1. I can be thankful. I’m grateful that my parents had the room, no matter how limited and small. Thankful we aren’t sleeping in our vechicles. We have a decent place to stay.

2. I can live a minimalistic lifestyle. We don’t have room for like anything but the essentials. And you know what!? We are doing just fine. 

3. I’ve learned I can feed an army.  With is moving in with the existing family it puts numbers at 10. And my mom can’t cook. I didn’t spend a lot either.  Less than 150 a week!

4. I appreciate my kids more. We are sharing a smaller space. This creates a dynamic in which I have to key in on their activities more. Simply to just make sure that the two year old isn’t coloring on the walls. During these moments of watching I get to witness behaviors and heart moments that otherwise I would have missed. 

5. I can be positive.  I can be positive.  Let me just keep repeating this statement. Frankly, tiny living combined with combined living can be stressful. Your mixing different lifestyles, personalities, beliefs,  and such together.  I can be positive..

6. …because this is temporary! We will not be living with my parents forever. We will have our day when we get to enter our own space again. And what a lovely day that will be. 

7. We can live on a very tight budget. Realistically we can’t fold to every craving we want, cave to every event going on this weekend, and we can say no to things we can’t afford. Several, we ended up here because of a lack of money. So to accommodate  for the lack of “fun” we are missing out on. We watch movies together.  But we aren’t digging a bigger debt hole. We are piling the dirt back in. 

8. You grow.  You grow when you have to move your family into a one room space. There’s some prideful walls that come down. There’s some humbling that happens. We moved because so.ething didn’t go quite right at the last place. So we’ve learned and you grow. You don’t want to end back up here. So things change and click in you and you move forward from there. 

9. We need to take steps, create a plan. Obviously we don’t  want to keep ending up living with people. We need to do something that will help us in the long run. Sometimes that means a small sacrifice. Like school. I need to finish my degree. Than the hubs needs to finish his. Our kids are wonderful and to better provide for them, we need degrees or trade school training. We have set goals in motion. Let’s not end up back here is one of them! 😁

10. Our parents are okay. We are different. Generationally, spiritually,  and overall lifestyles are just different. My mom gets under my skin just about every other day. But you know what they are okay,  they are great and I know they love us. I know I’m/we are cared for. And for now that’s enough. 


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