To the Mom at The Playground

It was a nice hot day and my husband and I took our children to the park to play. We were playing along nicely. One of my children even made a new friend and was being friendly.

It was a nice visit, until you strolled in. Well my children didn’t really mind, but I did.

We heard you swear. We heard the way you talked to your kids. It wasn’t pleasant.

I looked around once I heard the first swear word, maybe to identify who, and pass along a disapproving look. I needed to know, so I could remove my children from your presence.

Because they didn’t, and don’t, deserve to hear words that you spoke.

But the more you spoke, the more IĀ realized i knew you. So I didn’t look. But I told my husband it was you. Then one of your children came to say “hi.” And we knew, that you knew, that we just heard you.

I can imagine your embarrassment. I too have my moments. Maybe they happen more at home than at playgrounds, but moments are moments regardless where they happen. Once they have happened, we can’t take them back.

So now let me encourage you.

Your children want to hear how much they are appreciated, probably like you are longing for as well.

Your children want to hear that they are doing a good job, probably like you are waiting for too.

Your children don’t want to hear one more thing they are doing wrong, they want you to redirect them, to improve. I’m sure you want to hear about all the things you are doing right, and not about your mistakes.

Your children want to feel unconditionally loved, just like you do.

Your children want to feel respected, just like you are yearning for.

The only way we, as parents, are going to treat our children the way they should be treated, is by letting God love us and show us how to love our children.

He’s patient. He’s kind. He’s love. He’s justice. He’s fair. He’s always there. He listens. He LOVINGLY corrects. He’s all these wonderful things to us.

We need to imitate Christ to our children. If we want to see a change in them and us, this is the way to go. Pray through the moments. Read in the bible about Christ and God the Father. Find out who he is.

Most of all, try hard Momma, and don’t give up…

…because you are doing a good job. You are appreciated. You are the mom God designed for them. You are loved. You Can do this.



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