My moment for me

Sometimes it’s not always about our kids. 

Sometimes we get to have a fantastic moment all to ourselves. 

I’ve  been so confused lately on whst to do. I had all these different options. I could go to school part time I pop p0l pooand work full-time,  I could work part time and go to school full time, I could have a day shift or night shift, I could skip school all together, or this or that,  etc. I was literally overwhelmed with all my options. 

So I prayed. I told God that if he wanted me to do this school thing that I needed some help. Because all these options revolved around two things. Our current financial needs and who was going to babysit all my kids. 

I found a daycare that would be convenient for me. But it could only take one out of three kids I needed to have watched. This creates more stress. 

More ostress is bad. Lol. More stress makes me overwhlemed. The more overwhelmed, the more confusion gets to inch it’s way in. Then doubt grows. 

Thisi is bad. I’m a person who likes certainty. Who plans things all out. Lol. 

Buiijlt I kept praying that God would work it out. 

I went to the cienter for one of my children, and they said, oh hey we have openings for all of your children! 

I was sokk oooo excited.  It’s been my moment for the whole month. God’s provision and love and mekimekircykrcy and grace and just all around awesomeness has been showered on me. I am so grateful. 

Folks, if you need something. Pray. Pray without stopping until something happens. 

Have your God moment!


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