When others don’t..

..want to to be responsible for the mess they made. 

Here we are. Still stuck. Still praying and waiting for our next transition. 

And in the meantime we have an infestation. One caused by someone else who lives here. 

We are looking to spend at least 80 on preventative items to help eliminate and prevent further issues. And it’s  not our fault. Not. Even. Close. 

But they don’t care. And we don’t  have money for this. Not. Even. Close.  So I was thinking where am I gonna find this. And the only answer I can think of is the food budget. 

I’m gonna have to reduce it significantly. So pasta it is. Because pasta is cheap. Possible pancakes and eggs as a meal as well.

Anything I can feed 8 ppl that costs next to nothing is what is gonna happen. 

Please pray with me. For me. I need a break through. We need a break through. 

I’m  not sure the point of this post. But I just needed to write. I’m thankful that the person who should be ultimately responsible for everything is taken care of the issue overall. But when it comes down to the details this person is absent. Avoiding responsibility for lame excuses that execute no reason to me. But I shall still remain thankful and hopeful we are moving in the right direction toward healing from this issue. 


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