Busy moms

Seriously we are busy. Busier than ever. I currently am a full-time student. I’m about to take on a job, 30 hrs a week. I have 4 LOs. Trust me I’m busy. I also volunteer every Wednesday night at my local church to teach.  My schedule is tight.  

I can’t catch up on sleep. I have homework or a to do list to do non stop. I fight for the little moments with my kids each day where we can connect. Where they know I still love them. I’m still paying attention to them. I can’t  get devotional time in. I make excuses. If I try to read I’ll  fall asleep. If I fall asleep I’ll see to long and be late to something. I have to do homework first. It’s  more pressing. 

Stop. I need to stop. Nothing is more important than making time for God. Do I think he isn’t going to refresh me when I read His word and pit him first? I’m  not sure. All the more reason I need to be in the word. In the word first. I need to drop the excuses. I need to just do it. 

I also need to know when to stop the busy-ness. Stop the constant energy bunny. I need to connect with my kids. They need me and it won’t be for long before they are gone. 

Prioritize those moments. Love your people. 


When others don’t..

..want to to be responsible for the mess they made. 

Here we are. Still stuck. Still praying and waiting for our next transition. 

And in the meantime we have an infestation. One caused by someone else who lives here. 

We are looking to spend at least 80 on preventative items to help eliminate and prevent further issues. And it’s  not our fault. Not. Even. Close. 

But they don’t care. And we don’t  have money for this. Not. Even. Close.  So I was thinking where am I gonna find this. And the only answer I can think of is the food budget. 

I’m gonna have to reduce it significantly. So pasta it is. Because pasta is cheap. Possible pancakes and eggs as a meal as well.

Anything I can feed 8 ppl that costs next to nothing is what is gonna happen. 

Please pray with me. For me. I need a break through. We need a break through. 

I’m  not sure the point of this post. But I just needed to write. I’m thankful that the person who should be ultimately responsible for everything is taken care of the issue overall. But when it comes down to the details this person is absent. Avoiding responsibility for lame excuses that execute no reason to me. But I shall still remain thankful and hopeful we are moving in the right direction toward healing from this issue. 

My moment for me

Sometimes it’s not always about our kids. 

Sometimes we get to have a fantastic moment all to ourselves. 

I’ve  been so confused lately on whst to do. I had all these different options. I could go to school part time I pop p0l pooand work full-time,  I could work part time and go to school full time, I could have a day shift or night shift, I could skip school all together, or this or that,  etc. I was literally overwhelmed with all my options. 

So I prayed. I told God that if he wanted me to do this school thing that I needed some help. Because all these options revolved around two things. Our current financial needs and who was going to babysit all my kids. 

I found a daycare that would be convenient for me. But it could only take one out of three kids I needed to have watched. This creates more stress. 

More ostress is bad. Lol. More stress makes me overwhlemed. The more overwhelmed, the more confusion gets to inch it’s way in. Then doubt grows. 

Thisi is bad. I’m a person who likes certainty. Who plans things all out. Lol. 

Buiijlt I kept praying that God would work it out. 

I went to the cienter for one of my children, and they said, oh hey we have openings for all of your children! 

I was sokk oooo excited.  It’s been my moment for the whole month. God’s provision and love and mekimekircykrcy and grace and just all around awesomeness has been showered on me. I am so grateful. 

Folks, if you need something. Pray. Pray without stopping until something happens. 

Have your God moment!

To the Mom at The Playground

It was a nice hot day and my husband and I took our children to the park to play. We were playing along nicely. One of my children even made a new friend and was being friendly.

It was a nice visit, until you strolled in. Well my children didn’t really mind, but I did.

We heard you swear. We heard the way you talked to your kids. It wasn’t pleasant.

I looked around once I heard the first swear word, maybe to identify who, and pass along a disapproving look. I needed to know, so I could remove my children from your presence.

Because they didn’t, and don’t, deserve to hear words that you spoke.

But the more you spoke, the more I realized i knew you. So I didn’t look. But I told my husband it was you. Then one of your children came to say “hi.” And we knew, that you knew, that we just heard you.

I can imagine your embarrassment. I too have my moments. Maybe they happen more at home than at playgrounds, but moments are moments regardless where they happen. Once they have happened, we can’t take them back.

So now let me encourage you.

Your children want to hear how much they are appreciated, probably like you are longing for as well.

Your children want to hear that they are doing a good job, probably like you are waiting for too.

Your children don’t want to hear one more thing they are doing wrong, they want you to redirect them, to improve. I’m sure you want to hear about all the things you are doing right, and not about your mistakes.

Your children want to feel unconditionally loved, just like you do.

Your children want to feel respected, just like you are yearning for.

The only way we, as parents, are going to treat our children the way they should be treated, is by letting God love us and show us how to love our children.

He’s patient. He’s kind. He’s love. He’s justice. He’s fair. He’s always there. He listens. He LOVINGLY corrects. He’s all these wonderful things to us.

We need to imitate Christ to our children. If we want to see a change in them and us, this is the way to go. Pray through the moments. Read in the bible about Christ and God the Father. Find out who he is.

Most of all, try hard Momma, and don’t give up…

…because you are doing a good job. You are appreciated. You are the mom God designed for them. You are loved. You Can do this.


10 Things I’ve learned about living in a small space living

You’ve might have read glimpses of my family being stuck in a small space from previous posts. 

Well, it’s because we are. We are those type of people who end up back with their parents. We are utilizing one room for the six of us. 

Here’s some things I’ve learned 

1. I can be thankful. I’m grateful that my parents had the room, no matter how limited and small. Thankful we aren’t sleeping in our vechicles. We have a decent place to stay.

2. I can live a minimalistic lifestyle. We don’t have room for like anything but the essentials. And you know what!? We are doing just fine. 

3. I’ve learned I can feed an army.  With is moving in with the existing family it puts numbers at 10. And my mom can’t cook. I didn’t spend a lot either.  Less than 150 a week!

4. I appreciate my kids more. We are sharing a smaller space. This creates a dynamic in which I have to key in on their activities more. Simply to just make sure that the two year old isn’t coloring on the walls. During these moments of watching I get to witness behaviors and heart moments that otherwise I would have missed. 

5. I can be positive.  I can be positive.  Let me just keep repeating this statement. Frankly, tiny living combined with combined living can be stressful. Your mixing different lifestyles, personalities, beliefs,  and such together.  I can be positive..

6. …because this is temporary! We will not be living with my parents forever. We will have our day when we get to enter our own space again. And what a lovely day that will be. 

7. We can live on a very tight budget. Realistically we can’t fold to every craving we want, cave to every event going on this weekend, and we can say no to things we can’t afford. Several, we ended up here because of a lack of money. So to accommodate  for the lack of “fun” we are missing out on. We watch movies together.  But we aren’t digging a bigger debt hole. We are piling the dirt back in. 

8. You grow.  You grow when you have to move your family into a one room space. There’s some prideful walls that come down. There’s some humbling that happens. We moved because so.ething didn’t go quite right at the last place. So we’ve learned and you grow. You don’t want to end back up here. So things change and click in you and you move forward from there. 

9. We need to take steps, create a plan. Obviously we don’t  want to keep ending up living with people. We need to do something that will help us in the long run. Sometimes that means a small sacrifice. Like school. I need to finish my degree. Than the hubs needs to finish his. Our kids are wonderful and to better provide for them, we need degrees or trade school training. We have set goals in motion. Let’s not end up back here is one of them! 😁

10. Our parents are okay. We are different. Generationally, spiritually,  and overall lifestyles are just different. My mom gets under my skin just about every other day. But you know what they are okay,  they are great and I know they love us. I know I’m/we are cared for. And for now that’s enough. 

No where for the 4th

This year we didn’t get invited anywhere for the 4th of July.

It was weird. We got up that morning  with no real idea on what to do. My husband had off and we like to do things on these days AND it was the 4th. The 4th, the like national day to have a picnic to celebrate our freedoms.

We choose to go berry picking. One of my friends invited me the week before. Not because it was the 4th, but because it was Tuesday. It’s her day off. We checked our account and had $30 dollars for the rest of the week. We decided to just go.

So we went berry picking, now normally I take the kids by myself with my friend every summer. My husband is usually working. He got to go this time. Friends, I thought our whole weeks allowance was going to be gone on raspberries! He’s never been picking before. I know right, SAY WHAT!? But we spent less than $3 on rasberries.

Then we went to the strawberries… I have a hard time picking strawberries. I want to pick them all, and friends guess who did to! Yes, my husband! Lol. I had to draw the line and say STOP, no more. 🙂 We only spent $4 or so on strawberries.

Then we were headed to my husband’s favorite fruit…cherries. Sweet luscious cherries. We looked and looked for some good ones. It was a bit challenging due to lots of rain the Saturday prior. A bunch were split and moldy. But, we found this sweet tree in the back of the row. We almost filled our bucket. We were so excited about our find! We only spent $9 on our bucket tho!

My husband found some cash in his vehicle so we are still at $20. And now what plans.

We decided to eat our berries at a park. Our first choice was a nearby state park, but it was $7 for parking. We drove to a place more local to our residence and had a nice time there. There was a picnic table and nice little stream nearby.  We hung out there long enough to have a lunch/snack.

Then we were getting excited because there was a possibility to have plans! People wanted to hang out with us!! Haha. But it got shut down. Our plans were to have the others grab some sides and we had the meat. But they weren’t coming. We needed to figure out dinner. We had chicken, but that was about it. I went to the store. We got baked beans, salt potatoes and bbq sauce for $15 dollars. And we barbecued as a little family.

It was good. It was nice. It was quiet. It was perfect. We didn’t need to go anywhere. We didn’t need to be invited. We didn’t need others around to have a good time. We could do just us and be just fine.

Later that night when the other occupants returned home from their plans they visited briefly then went to bed, but we stayed up and watched the Macy’s Firework Spectacular show. It was very well done. Those fireworks were great! And there was no loud noises and screaming children whose ears hurt.

We had a fantastic 4th because no one invited us anywhere. We got be us. We got to have a relaxing day. We didn’t get ‘peopled out.’ We didn’t need a lot of money either to enjoy each other!

Keeping your kids quiet….

Our corridors are small and shared. There’s one sleeping upstairs, he works nights. He doesn’t complain about us, but I know we are loud. There’s one me….and 4 of them. They produce more noise than a herd of elephants some days. I’ve had to become very creative on how to keep them quiet.

  1. Keep them Fed. If there’s one thing scarier than a toddler on the verge of HANGRY it’s a, well, uh, IDK! They come at you repeatedly, each time it’s louder and more angry and fierce. Solution-Feed them! Have snacks, healthy, of course, on hand.
  2. If it’s nice out, TAKE THEM OUTSIDE! There are sure to be some parks in your area. We’ve traveled up to 30 minutes to visit a new park. They loved it. It gives them a sense of adventure and new challenges to climb up and slide down. It was worth the drive. Make sure to plan around feeding schedules. Because you might be outside, but a repeat of #1 is stressful when you don’t have a helpful solution nearby.
  3. Not only are parks an option outside, but chalk. There are a million different things to do with chalk to keep them busy outside. They can practice writing their name, ABC’s, numbers, sight words, faces, people, drawings, hopscotch, follow the lines, and so much more. Hey, we even get some fine motor skills in with this one!
  4. Playdough. Now this one is tricky. They EACH need their own amount of playdough, their own space to play. Not only that but with my Krew, they each need to have the SAME tools and SAME amount of playdough or we get into, that’s not fair wars. But the nice thing about playdough is that if you make your own or even buy it, they can choose their own colors. You can add essential oils to them and different spices for different sensory options…which leads to..
  5. Sensory bins. These are great. Again be mindful of how many children can fit up to that bucket. But fill these babies with different things for the munchkins to explore and experience. They love these. I’ve used water in one once, outside. I gave them an older set of measuring cups and medicine droppers and they played for hours![[See my board HERE]]
  6. Crafts. There are so many crafts you can find on Pinterest! [[See my board Here.]] Mine especially love ones that involve cutting and gluing! The bigger the mess, er I mean project,  the better!
  7. Go for a car ride. This one just take a little bit of planning. But you can really connect with them. Don’t focus too much on the destination, but more on the journey. You can play games with them, such as, I Spy. My oldest likes to play a game where you take turns naming something that starts with the letters of the alphabet. You can do a game with all of them and really rack up those quality time points!
  8. Pray that there is a supernatural sound barrier in said sleeping persons room! Sometimes they are just loud and you have to let them be that way, they are kids. Sometimes we get exhausted and we just have to pray through the moments that feel like we have absolutely no control over.
  9. Read books together. Granted you’ll need a large drink afterwards from all the talking your about to do, but they LOVE this time with you, and it’s a limited time we get to share with them. What 16-year-old wants to cuddle up with their parent and listen to them read??
  10. Keep them busy. Keep them on a schedule. Let them know what is going to happen next. They tend to be more focused and listen better when we follow a schedule!

I hope this helps a little bit. It’s hard momma! Know that you have a friend somewhere out there, and you aren’t alone! ❤