Thank you for your visit

Thank you to you. My first visitor. I’m not sure what you liked or didn’t like from visiting my blog, but thank you.

I checked my stats daily in hopes that someone else out there cares about things I have to say. And maybe, maybe one day what I have to say will inspire someone else.

I don’t know if that was you on your visit. Or if you happened by, by accident. But thank you.

…because you gave me hope. Hope that I’m not wasting my time. People can find me! Hope that some day I’ll inspire a whole little group of people and they can encourage and inspire me in return.

….because one day I’ll look at my stats and it will say 10 views. And I’ll be all excited again. And it’ll be because of you. you who viewed my blog once, once enough to encourage me to keep going. To keep sharing my thoughts.

…because one day it’ll say 100, and then 500 and so on.

So thank you for your visit. I appreciate you.


What to do with all those clothes!?

Well, lately I’ve been in a small living space with my whole family. We are 6 people big. 🙂

My husband loves to collect t-shirts. Apparently he isn’t the only one either. (Maybe it’s a guy thing.) My oldest daughter loves dresses, so many frilly dresses! Not to mention that my oldest son gets so many clothes donated to him!

How do we do it? Well, we have a closet. A closet that has hangers. And you know what, those hangers are great. We pack that closet in the neatest way possible.

Next, we downsized. We went from 6 dressers to 3. That also means we downsized with our clothes. Right now our living space size is temporary so our need to downsize in clothes is temporary. But we needed as much clutter free space as possible.

We packed up clothes and sent them to the storage unit. We each only have nine, yes nine outfits each. Every one has two drawers, except the little one. The little one has one drawer. It works out nicely.

There isn’t as much laundry to do either!! This is a win friends!

Instead of worrying about where to put everything, trying to keep up with all the laundry in a smaller space than the norm, and getting overwhelmed, we are living a basic clothes lifestyle.

Guess what else!? No one has noticed, or at least said anything about seeing repeat outfits. Plus with nine outfits you can get a jillion different matches, so like a jillion new outfits!

My kids are still adorable in their 9 repeat outfits. Yours can be to!

My husband still has his favorite t-shirts out plus a few dress shirts, all in a limited number. He’s still as handsome as ever. Yours can be too!

Now I said this is a temporary situation, but it could become permanent. No clothes stress is the best! 🙂

She’s my brave teacher

We visited the park recently. It’s a newer playground in an existing park. The kids love it. I have an adventurous child. She takes every opportunity to climb and jump and do things that create excitement in her little body. She pushes herself more than her little body can handle.

At least that’s my opinion.

During our visit we all decided to visit the “big kid” area to the playground. It has ladders and steps and obstacles that scare me when my big kids are on them. Some of these elements scare me when my big ones are entertaining themselves on them.

Then, out of the blue, as I’m tending to the baby,  she starts climbing. She’s climbing the second most scariest ladder, to get to the tallest slide platform. And my heart starts to accelerate and my mind screams, SHE NEEDS TO GET DOWN.

I approach her quickly and tell her repeatedly that she needs to get down, and her only answer is pure stubbornness and determination. “No, I NEED to climb this,” is the only thing she says. And she continues.

Let me describe this ladder. I call it the leaf ladder. The steps are these leaf shapes. They aren’t even big enough for my whole foot to feel secure as I climbed up after her. And those little leaf steps twirl around the pole as they go up. So now we have a tiny leaf spiral staircase. It was terrifying!

The only solution was to mentally prepare myself to visit the hospital for some broken bones if this went south. And to do everything in my power to prevent that!! So she went up and up and up. So I went up and up, silently praying this would be okay, and trying to hold on to her in such a way I’d catch her if she fell. (without falling off myself!)

She made it up friends. Without a scratch. Without a hiccup. I’m the only one who had issues. She was so proud and excited that she made it! “I did it!” she exclaimed. Her face lit up and was the cutest thing to see that day. It was my moment. My moment that made the day a brighter one.

She taught me determination. She taught me to never give up. She taught me to take a chance. She taught me that sometimes it”s worth it. She taught my that life is unexpected and that its okay. She taught me that I can let go of my grip a little, let loose a bit of control. (what control do I really have anyways!?)

Friends, she was my teacher that day, on that leaf ladder. Sometimes, they are here for us, rather than us for them. And this, can be a beautiful thing. ❤

How to survive shopping with kids

Yesterday, we had to get groceries.

Yesterday I had to bring all the children with me. ALL 4!

I got a lot of, “your hands are full.” And I said, yes I do in such away that expressed pride for my 4 beauties and stress caused by their counter monstrous side!

Even through the constant nagging of my first to put stuff in the cart, the whining from my second to help put stuff in the cart, the constant touching of things and standing in the cart of the third, and the whining moments of the tired babe…I smiled and said thank you. 

I also apologized. I apologized when we had to squeeze through two people or passed by a shopper. I apologized because we are loud. I apologize because we take a lot of space.

So what do you do when you take all the kids shopping?

1. You prepare. you prepare to take 2 hours instead of one hour.

2. You bring water. You’re gonna need a drink when you are done. By the time you’ve talked the kids out of screaming the whole time, constant reminding to sit down, constant reminding to not touch, and so forth your going to have a case of dry mouth.

3. Bring a list of what you need. With all the craziness to keep the kids semi in order, you aren’t going to have a brain left to remember what items you needed.

4. Bring a pen. you’ll need it to cross off items as you go, because those kids are going to need a lot of your attention. You aren’t going to remember what items you grabbed or forgot 2 aisles over.

5. Smile and say thank you. Even though they are driving you crazy, others around you they see what you can’t. they see the fun the kids are having. they see the love you are giving through the small reminders. Plus, Momma, do we get enough compliments? Just take em, and say thank you, because we are doing a good job.

6. Breathe. It seems crazy today, and probably yesterday, But it doesn’t’ last long. They grow fast!! So, just breathe and try to enjoy them, try to enjoy the craziness.

When we got home, they helped put away groceries, and i let them make their own sandwiches. These simple tasks brought them great joy, and taught them life skills. Shortly after that it was nap time. Soooo quiet it became…and i got some me time. The crazy doesn’t last long. just moments. Cherish the moments.


Welcome. Many times we fund ourselves stressed and I’m busy seasons. I’m here to share with you the moments and thoughts from my life that remind me that life is about the moments. The moments where your children drink from there glass and are so delighted by their, yep,  you got it, milk mustache. They think it’s the best thing ever, and it’s so simple. But friends it’s the joy this simplicity brings that makes it the best!